The Advantage

Our SAGD and upgrading integration enables us to overcome three main economic hurdles of SAGD bitumen production:

  • the high cost of natural gas;
  • the cost of diluents;
  • the reuse of energy and water
  • the lowest environmental foot possible and
  • the realized price of bitumen.

With synthetic gas from the asphaltenes as a fuel source, we have little need to purchase additional natural gas. With the upgrading facilities on site, expensive diluents are not required to transport the bitumen to market. And, by upgrading the bitumen into a highly desirable refinery feedstock or diluents supply, the end product commands light-sweet crude oil premium pricing.

The benefits to be realised include:

  • Reduced manufacturing costs (CAPEX)
  • Reduced operating costs (OPEX)
  • Improved utilization of resources used in plant operations
  • Improved environmental impact (reduced waste and emissions)
  • Improved margins and the triple bottom line!(Environmental, social, and economic)